The Predictions for Drayage in 2020

Over the past few years, there has been a cycle of both feast and famine when it comes to drayage and the rest of the trucking industry. There are some areas, such as spot dry van truckload rates, which dropped by double-digit percentages when compared to last year. On the… Read More »

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Top Five Ways Big Data Will Change Freight Storage

Surviving in business is often about successfully navigating the unknown. At any time, factors beyond your control can destroy or help your plans.  A flood two states away can delay the arrival of your inventory.  A war in another country could double the price of your raw materials. Against this… Read More »

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Tech and Labor Costs are Transforming Shipping

Those who have experience in the freight and shipping industries have likely seen the sector transform significantly during the past few years. Watching some of the automated processes, people might feel like the future has already arrived. Technological advancements have left no sector untouched. New technology impacts the day to… Read More »

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Important Freight Management and Warehouse Issues Surrounding the Holidays

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and with this comes the winter weather. This can take the storm of dropping temperatures, snowstorms, ice storms, blizzards, and more. It’s no secret that these issues can have a serious impact on the freight management industry. Therefore, with the temperatures already starting to… Read More »

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Future US Mobility for Freight Management

It comes as no surprise that the future of successful freight and container management involves mobility. Driving mobility interventions is the increased number of freight miles traveled globally each day. Organizations are looking for freight management companies to eliminate the congestion contributing to controllable delays. The trend has been building… Read More »

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Improving Accountability In Freight Management

Many companies ship their goods all over the world. In order for these companies to meet the demands of their consumers, it is important for them to have a reliable mode of transportation. This is where freight management is key. Of course, during this process, it is important for companies… Read More »

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Can Freight Management Save Hospitals Money?

 During the past few decades, the role of freight management companies has expanded to include almost every sector of the economy. This includes the healthcare system. The healthcare system has seen drastic changes and, now, hospitals everywhere are looking for ways to reduce costs. One of the ways that hospitals… Read More »

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Steps for Filing a Freight Claim

Freight claims — also known as cargo claims, transportation claims, shipping claims, and loss and damage claims — are legal demands made by the shipper to the freight carrier for financial reimbursement in exchange for a damaged or lost shipment. While the vast majority of the freight handled goes form starting… Read More »

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Companies Adopt Intermodal Transportation Strategies To Facilitate Fast Delivery

As the demand for fast and on-time delivery of products and materials increases, more and more end-user companies rely on intermodal transportation to move freight, according to a report by Persistence Market Research.  End-user businesses are companies that actually receive the freight as inventory, as opposed to middle-man importers and… Read More »

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Startup Poised To Solve Major Trucking Problem

For a truck driver, one of the biggest annoyances they face on a daily basis is having to drive “empty miles.” This is when a driver is essentially moving a truck from one part of the country to another for a pickup but does not have a load. Since there… Read More »

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If We Can’t Containerize It, It Can’t Be Containerized

Our skill and experience means we can handle any challenge – Even yours.


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