A Full Service Import, Export Container Terminal

For over 35 years World Trade Distribution, Inc has provided logistics, warehousing, and shipping services at  their container freight station in Houston, Texas.

From cotton distribution in the early 1900s, to international and domestic distribution for the last 50 years, World Trade Distribution’s CFS has continued to provide the most complete line of Houston – based, high quality, international freight handling, storage and transportation services to Houston’s import export community.

World Trade Distribution is renowned for simplifying complicated trans-loads and high volume freight consolidations. We have been managing various import & export logistics and various cargo and container freight management services for over 30 years. Our reputation for providing quality logistics services in the Houston and the greater Texas Gulf region is endorsed by some of the largest NVOCCs (non-vessel operator common carrier), freight forwarders, and freight owners in the country.

  • Export Consolidation
  • Import Deconsolidation
  • CES Services
  • Bonded Warehousing
  • Distribution Packing & Crating
  • Haz-Mat Handling and Storage
  • Project Cargo Services
  • High Value Commodity Storage
  • Featherweight Trucking

 About us

world trade container freight service

Over 90 Years And 4 Generations of Industry Experience

In addition to export management services, our import services provide seamless and cost effective solutions for whatever import needs our customers may require. Our on-site centralized examination station (CES) provides timely solutions for every import headache that can occur and our expert customer service staff is experienced in working through customs issues.

4th Generation family owned business
Fully insured and bonded
Oldest CES facility in the country
Average employee retention is 18 years
Asset based
Non union labor

cfs station


Providing the most complete line of international container
& cargo freight management, handling, delivery and pick-up

World Trade’s Houston container freight station is strategically located less than 30 minutes from any of Houston’s container terminals or rail ramps. Our local drayage and intermodal transport and trucking services throughout the Houston area are always on time and competitively priced. All of our drivers are Haz mat and TWIC certified. Heavy haul services for out of gauge cargo, overweight containers, and break bulk cargos are also available.World Trade Distribution provides the most complete line of international container & cargo freight management, handling, delivery and pick-up services.

Whether you are an import broker, freight forwarder, steamship line, or N.V.O.C.C., we are the strongest link in your transportation chain. Let our
container freight management experts take care of all your inspections, loading and unloading, consolidation, and transportation needs.


CFS tracking system

Our CFS export tracking system has the ability to track and document every piece of freight that comes through our Export facility. Email notifications as well as status of your freight and pictures can all be fed automatically via email through this system to your inbox in real time. Freight exception tracking as well as damaged loads can all be automatically handled through the system. Container loading is also built into system which allows you to see real time container loading data as our veteran forklift staff builds your container load.

NTEP certified dimensioning and weighing system

We use Cargo Spectre’s automated dimensioning and weighing systems to feed our export tracking system. All weights and dimensions are NTEP certified and are immediately coupled with the freight barcode when we receive it. Our customer can expect a 30-minute turnaround from when we receive the freight to when your pictures and freight data are available. The system is directly tied to our export system and is controlled by our WMS ipads. This cuts down on transcription errors and allows us to focus more on processing your freight. This system also allows us to take multiple pictures of every piece of your freight.

Customer accessible camera surveillance system

World Trade uses over 120 cameras spread throughout the complex. Footage is saved for 30 days in HD quality. Using this system we can allow you our customer access to designated cameras via secure web portal. You can watch our drivers load your container as well as watch the operation process your export or import freight.

If We Can’t Containerize It, It Can’t Be Containerized

Our skill and experience means we can handle any challenge – Even yours.


In-house Fork Lifting Capacity


square feet of


Loading Docs,
pickups & deliveries

12 acre

concrete storage


tazer fence

World Trade is fully operational during COVID-19