Featherweight truck :

  • Air ride suspension reduces damages in transit. Your freight rides on air.
  • Disc Brakes and Super single tires improve traction and decrease stopping distance needed to avoid hazards.
  • Catalytic converter reduces Ozone emissions by 99%.
  • 40 years of experience and spotless safety record

Featherweight Tri-axle Chassis :

  • Custom designed to operate through the Houston overweight corridor
  • Super single tires and disc brakes reduce weight and increase stopping power
  • Re-tracks for dock height unloading.
  • Equipped with Anti Roll Over Stability System (SRT)
  • Air ride suspension reduces damages in transit. Your freight rides on air.


Decrease shipping costs

Reduced environmental impact

Air Ride suspension prevents damages

Coupled with our CFS services, World Trade can provide seamless transportation and de-consolidation operations completely customized to meet you and your freights needs.


Licenses and Permits

Texas Overweight Corridor Permit

Texas Super Heavyweight Permit

TWIC Certified Drivers

Hazmat Endorsed Drivers

TABC License to Transport and Store

CHL In port Bonded Transfer of Goods


Overweight Container Trucking

World Trade Distribution offers the widest array of overweight container services on the Gulf coast. With new featherweight trucks and chassis that weigh considerably less than your standard tractor trailer rig, we can legally haul container pay loads of 53,500 lbs. Import or export alike, your overweight containers now have a second option when it comes to being stranded at the port. With a fully equipped container freight station and customs exam site, World Trade Distribution now has the ability to dray your overweight container, transload your overweight cargo, and deliver your heavy freight to its destination on time.


Our container freight station is the perfect compliment to our heavy cargo services. We have a fork lifting capacity of 45,000 lbs and a crane lifting capacity of 200,000 lbs. Coupled with 20 acres of overweight and out of gauge storage, our freight consolidation and overweight transloading services are seamless and cost effective to use. We have minimal charges for overweight containers and are centrally located close to all Houston ports and railroad hubs.


World Trade Distribution’s central examination station (CES) broadens the scope of these overweight container services further by offering US customs exams in conjunction with our other overweight container services. TABC certificates, customs bonded storage, Hazardous Materials certificates, and overweight variance permits allow us to handle virtually any container you may have regardless of weight or contents.


Let World Trade Distribution maximize your overweight cargo today call or click here for a quick overweight container quote.

overweight truck haul

World Trade is fully operational during COVID-19