Houston Blocking & Bracing Containerized Freight Services

Our quality blocking and bracing services are designed to provide maximum protection for in-transit containerized freight. Every container’s load plan is meticulously implemented to allow for equal weight distribution during transit. During the damage prevention process maximum blocking and bracing is provided for each piece of freight regardless of size. We block and brace every portion of the container as we load and finalize with a strong main bulk head at the tail of the container.


What is Containerization?*

The loading, blocking and bracing of standard ISO containers to transport, supply, store and handle cargo from source to user.
Also spelled “containerisation.”

  • Standard ISO Containers
  • Open Tops
  • Flat Racks
  • Specialized Loading

Standard Dry Cargo/ISO Containerization

World Trade Distribution specializes in blocking and bracing of containerized freight, utilizing unique processes that save time and increase cube usage. During the containerization process, voids are filled and blocking and bracing applied to maintain proper lengthwise and crosswise weight distribution. This helps to prevent cargo from damaging doors, nose, and walls during transit or from falling out when doors are opened. Receivers are meticulously checked for packing flaws and unsafe shipping characteristics. Using only heat-treated wood, we begin our blocking and bracing at the nose as we load, followed by fortress-like bulk heads on the tail and on the top tier of freight to prevent shifting and cargo vibrations. This process enables us to meet specific cube expectations.

Standard Container Lengths
20 ft 40 ft 45 ft 48 ft 53 ft

Open Top Containerization

World Trade Distribution provides routine loading for out-of-gauge cargo, such as project cargo, into open top containers. Our cranes and forklifts can lift shipments up to 120,000 pounds.

Flat Rack Containerization

World Trade Distribution can handle your routine loading of cargo for flat racks. Each project cargo undergoes a detailed study before being loaded in order to maximize the load and analyze the best use of equipment. Loaded cargo is blocked and braced.

Specialized Containerization

We design custom racks and have developed proven techniques to containerize specialty items and cage loose items such as:

  • Tiles
  • Wine
  • Pipe
  • Oilfield equipment

Utilizing air cushions and blocking and bracing to prevent movement and damage, each load is packed at the maximum efficiency level.

The two racks of pipe are loaded side by side to maximize efficiency. Air cushions are placed between the racks to prevent movement and damage.

Efficient and Secure Containerization Services

World Trade Distribution’s containerization services will minimize transportation costs and potential difficulties of unload at destination. Our containerization process will help to eliminate claims due to cargo shift and avoid rejection at the port or rail, thus avoiding the expense of double handling.

For security verification, we take stage-by-stage digital pictures of the container loading process. Additionally, our EDS connection provides seamless updates to know where your cargo is at all times.

If we can’t containerize it, it can’t be containerized.

If We Can’t Containerize It, It Can’t Be Containerized

Our skill and experience means we can handle any challenge – Even yours.


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