Transloading Services for Cargo Freight in Houston, Texas

Distribution routes can have a significant impact on your company’s earnings. Every move the product makes can affect your return. In some cases, using more than one means of transportation can reduce transit time and lower costs significantly. Transloading offers more cost-effective transportation alternatives to improve flexibility and reliability.

What is Transloading?

Transloading is combining methods of transportation to enable the product to reach its final destination faster and more efficiently. It is used whenever it is not feasible or economically efficient to transport product to its final destination with one means of transportation. By combining rail transport with local or short haul shipping, World Trade Distribution, Inc. enables customers who do not have onsite rail infrastructure to take advantage of the benefits of rail freight economics. Transloading can be used for all types of commodities including

  • Finished and unfinished goods
  • Food and beverage products
  • Lumber
  • Paper
  • Metals
  • Building materials

The Transloading Process

When an organization ships material by rail and either they or the receiver do not have direct access to rail, transloading is often the best solution. Transloading can occur both from railcar to truck or truck to railcar. The process is as follows.

  • The product is loaded on the railcar and transported to the transload site. Railcars consist of several types including boxcars, gondolas and flatcars. Hoppers and tanks are used to carry bulk materials. Each car is designed for a specific type of product.
  • Once the freight car is received by the host railroad, it is placed at the transload.
  • The goods are removed from the freight car. Forklifts, cranes and other lifting apparatuses are used to unload goods from boxcars, gondolas and flatcars. Bulk materials may be unloaded with gravity outlets, pneumatically or by mechanical means.
  • In the event a customer needs to store the product, the transload will store it onsite until the customer requests it. Long and short-term storage agreements are available.
  • The goods are transloaded to short-haul trucks and delivered to their final destination. The reverse process may also be carried out where the product is transported by truck and loaded on a railcar.

Benefits of Transloading

World Trade Distribution, Inc. can help you optimize your organization’s distribution network. Our transloading services offer numerous benefits including

  • Flexibility to ensure on time delivery of goods. Both natural and manmade events can occur that disrupt the transit of goods. Having access to more than one mode of transportation will ensure that your freight doesn’t become held up in a container yard.
  • Lower transportation costs. Transloading allows you to take advantage of more economical methods of transportation.
  • Avoid cost increases due to capacity fluctuations. Some modes of transportation can undergo capacity fluctuations. When capacity becomes tightened, the carrier will increase their rates. Choosing the right method of transportation at the right time can substantially lower your cost.

Houston Transloading Cargo Freight Services- World Trade Distribution, Inc.

World Trade Distribution, a third generation, family-owned freight management company with a comprehensive list of freight management services. We offer transloading services as well as short and long-term storage. Our 200,000 square feet of bonded warehousing space ensures we can accommodate the distribution needs of our customers. Highly qualified forklift operators and heavy lift specialists manage the transfer of materials from one mode of transportation to another so you can rest assured that your product is in good hands.

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