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Today’s organizations rely on an agile and efficient supply chain to remain competitive. Consequently, the systematic flow of materials is essential to productivity. That’s where cross-docking and trans-loading services comes in. Technological advances have led to integrated systems and real time information, making it possible to implement cross-docking. This strategy enables businesses to conserve resources and realize significant cost savings. Call World Trade Distribution at (713) 352-7594 to schedule cross docking service in Houston, Texas. World Trade Distribution is a world class cross dock company providing comprehensive logistics optimization and streamlining services.

Our Cross Docking Operations

Cross-docking is a process whereby materials are received at the inbound docks and transferred to the outbound docks where they are distributed directly to the customer. The cross-dock consists of an elongated, rectangular terminal with receiving docks on one side. When materials arrive, they are unloaded, inspected and sorted according to their destination. They are then transferred to an outbound dock at the other end of the terminal where they are loaded and shipped to the customer. Shipments usually spend less than 24 hours in the distribution center. This process eliminates the need to stock goods in the warehouse and maintain inventory.

Both planned cross-docking and opportunistic cross docking require continuous communication across the supply chain. Therefore, logistics software integrated between the supplier, customer and transport providers is necessary to coordinate activities. Successful execution involves careful planning, but when implemented properly, cross-docking can save space, equipment and technology resources.


  • Slab Bundles
  • Containers
  • Carpet
  • Chemicals
  • Container Truck Transfers
  • Frack Sand
  • International
  • Liquid
  • Heavy Containers
  • Propane
  • Warehouse
  • Refrigerated Containers
  • Forklift Cross Docking
  • Crane Cross Docking

Our mobile cross docking company can come to you, and we frequent the Port of Houston, Bayport, and other terminals across Texas.


Depending on the type of product and the demand, cross-docking can reduce inventory, operating costs and distribution costs as well as facilitate just in time delivery. A thorough analysis should be performed to determine if products are suitable candidates for cross-docking. In general, goods with consistent demand and physical characteristics capable of withstanding staging, pallet-breaking, and re-packing are most applicable. Perishable goods and products requiring refrigeration that must be transported quickly will also benefit from cross-docking. Applications where cross-docking may be most advantageous include

  • When a central location is required for materials to be sorted before being delivered to multiple destinations
  • Where a number of smaller shipments need to be consolidated into a larger one to reduce transportation costs
  • When large shipments need to be divided into smaller ones to provided easier shipping


Cross-docking is a value added process, whereas it eliminates waste and conserves resources. In addition, it increases profit potential by reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction. Cross-docking provides numerous benefits including

  • WReduces the time it takes to get product to the customer
  • Reduces inventory handling and the associated labor costs
  • Frees up space and equipment
  • Reduces storage costs
  • Reduces material handling and the risk of damaged goods

We cross dock at our facility and at other locations across the state. Call our team to schedule a service or take a tour of our logistics facility.


World Trade Distribution, Inc. has provided Houston with container freight cargo services for more than 35 years. Call (713) 352-7594 to schedule service or request service online. With 200,000 square feet of bonded warehousing space and over 150 loading docks, we offer high quality cross-docking services to increase the efficiency of your organization’s supply chain and lower the cost of distribution. Our forklift operators and heavy lift specialists are experienced and qualified to handle loads of all sizes and types to ensure your product is transported safely.

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