Freight claims — also known as cargo claims, transportation claims, shipping claims, and loss and damage claims — are legal demands made by the shipper to the freight carrier for financial reimbursement in exchange for a damaged or lost shipment. While the vast majority of the freight handled goes form starting location to end without issue, things happen and people work hard to ensure that if something wrong does occur with our clients’ goods, the process to remedy is easy and stress-free. The following is a quick look at the steps you’ll go through should you ever need to file a freight claim:

What is the process for filing a freight claim? 

  1. Record the specific damage or loss on the delivery receipt. Every delivery receipt you receive is also a legally binding document. When you, an employee, or client receives a shipment, they should immediately note any apparent damages or shortages on that receipt in clear and precise detail.
  2. Where possible, keep the freight. Do not try to immediately send back any damaged or incomplete shipments. This may result in excess storage fees or an improper freight claim. Instead, hold the freight and then…
  3. Have the carrier inspect damaged freight and/or gather documentation to support the freight claim. For expensive freight claims, contact the company directly after shipment so they can have a team member inspect the damages or losses incurred. For lower-cost claims or for situations where our carrier team is not available, use photos (such as photos pre-delivery compared to post-delivery) and other pieces of evidence to support your freight claim.
  4. Pay the bill and open the claim process. As with credit card and other financial transactions, the freight bill has to be paid in full before the team can address the freight claim and refund as applicable. While shipping companies know how frustrating this may be for you or for your client whom you are shipping your goods to, it is the fastest way for us to approve a claim upon receipt of it.

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