When a Shipping Container is Lost at Sea, Does it Make a Sound?

If it lands in a marine sanctuary it does. Three years ago the Monterrey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) published an article detailing some startling facts and figures about shipping containers found in the ocean. MBARI’s study raised ecological concerns,  but their statistics  also concerned shipping brokers. For manufacturers and… Read More »

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Central Examination Station: What is a CES?

Central Examination Station: What is a CES? A Central Examination Station (CES) is an inspection hub used by freight forwarders and customs brokers to streamline and expedite the arduous task of importing cargo freight and containers shipped into the United States from overseas. Many logistical considerations are crucial when importing… Read More »

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Heavy Lift Operations for Project Cargo

Time lapsed video of World Trade Distribution’s heavy lift operations. This was a 10 piece project cargo with a total weight of 600,000 lbs being unloaded and stored on our concrete yard! This is one of the many freight management services we offer you and the rest of the logistics… Read More »

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Fake perfume shipment seized at Port of Houston

March 1st, 2012 A shipment worth $344,000 of counterfeit perfume was seized at the Port of Houston. 5000 bottles of perfume bound for Dallas Texas were intercepted by Customs inspectors on the basis that these bottles took on the trademarks of Estee Lauder but were found to be fakes. Officials… Read More »

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If We Can’t Containerize It, It Can’t Be Containerized

Our skill and experience means we can handle any challenge – Even yours.


in-house fork lifting capacity


square feet of warehousing


loading docs, pickups & deliveries

12 acre

concrete storage yard


tazer fence