During the past few decades, the role of freight management companies has expanded to include almost every sector of the economy. This includes the healthcare system. The healthcare system has seen drastic changes and, now, hospitals everywhere are looking for ways to reduce costs. One of the ways that hospitals can save money is by investing and partnering with a reliable freight management system. There are several ways that a reliable logistics company can help hospitals save money.

The Old Methods are Expensive and Inefficient

Prior to the involvement of logistics and freight management companies, hospitals largely tried to manage all of their inbound services on their own. This meant hiring additional employees to try to coordinate their shipping processes. While this might have been possible for smaller hospitals, many healthcare systems are now large networks encompassing multiple facilities. It is not unusual for hospitals to have more than a dozen inpatient facilities combined with dozens of outpatient facilities scattered across multiple states. Because of this, hospitals are now looking to partner with a third-party specialist that can coordinate all of their shipments across their various facilities. This presents a tremendous opportunity to cut costs.

An Expansion to Freight and Outbound Shipments

Hospitals were initially focused on only their inbound shipments. Now that hospitals are partnering with freight management systems, the experts are managing their shipping from top to bottom. This means looking at freight, outbound, and inbound shipments. Furthermore, freight management companies are managing shipments to and from pharmacies, labs, and home health facilities in addition to their inpatient and ambulatory care centers. This comprehensive management has resulted in cost savings. Uniting all of the services under one service allows the entire system to coordinate its shipments, helping to improve the efficiency of its network and reducing costs.

Expanding to Mergers and Acquisitions in the Healthcare Field

One of the common themes in the healthcare system is the pace of mergers and acquisitions. These larger hospital networks are gradually acquiring the smaller hospitals in the area. When these mergers happen, the services are often duplicated. Each system has its own accounts payable and receivable procedures. If these old procedures are left in place and the tasks are duplicated, this represents an unnecessary cost. A dedicated freight management company can seamlessly merge the two systems into a single network. With both facilities on the same page, their shipments can be coordinated. This will help to optimize the time and resources by shifting all of this to a central location, making sure that the best possible option is selected for every shipment.

Expanding Freight Management Solutions in the Healthcare System

Freight management companies can be a tremendous help to the healthcare system. By expanding to include outbound shipping, pharmacy shipments, and laboratory orders, freight management companies can coordinate and centralize orders in an efficient manner. This can save a lot of money for hospitals that can be put toward patient care, improving patient outcomes and overall customer satisfaction.

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