Freight management is an extremely important industry in the United States. Safely moving products throughout the country plays a major part in the overall success of our economy. Technology is playing an increasing role in improving the efficiency and overall success of freight management. There are four important ways that technology is influencing freight management, and in particular, the trucking industry.

1. Improved Mobile Apps

There are a variety of mobile apps that have recently been designed that can help truck drivers operate more efficiently and safely. GasBuddy is a free app that uses a network of users that provides information on diesel prices at gas stations throughout the United States. Uship Mobile is an app for bidding on loads that businesses or individuals need shipped. These are just a few of the great new apps available for truck drivers.

2. Big Screen Safety

Samsung has produced a big screen that can be installed on the back of a semi-truck. This enables vehicles behind the truck to see what’s up ahead. This has the potential to increase safety for all drivers on the road. The safety truck will be built with two cameras attached to the front of the truck. The video wall on the back of the truck will be made of four high-definition screens. Samsung is still in the early stages of testing this exciting new technology.

3. Software as a Service

Software as a Service (SaaS), or cloud-based software, provides a much more efficient way of scheduling, planning routes, and keeping up with fleet maintenance. They can also help with IFTA compliance. Increased competition between software vendors has brought prices for this type of service down. This means small and mid sized companies now have greater software options.

4. Tracking Your Truck

Technology is now able to track a truck throughout its route to monitor how safely the driver is operating the vehicle. This is basically GPS on steroids. Each time the driver brakes, turns a corner, or decides to take a different route, Track Your Truck software provides detailed information to a company regarding how their drivers are doing. It tracks everything from speed to how often they’re braking. This amazing software can help a company save on fuel costs and keep everyone on the road safer.

These are just a few of the exciting new technological trends that will likely become the future of freight management. Incorporating these technology trends into your business can increase revenue while promoting safety.

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