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It’s important for corporate decision-makers to recognize the difference between being a company that utilizes shipping containers and a shipping container management company. Drawing that distinction can help re-evaluate the profit and loss variables that are directly related to this mode of transporting goods.  Retail, construction, agricultural, as well as various other sectors, have their own unique labor practices that create viable revenue streams.

Clear-minded thinking about how to approach these assets, from a profitability standpoint, lead many to outsource container management. That’s because, like many other valuable resources, transportation and oversight makes more sense to view as a service, rather than a company endeavor. Consider these primary benefits to outsourcing:

Improved Productivity

Container transportation involves numerous relationships that are unique to the industry. The networks that involve vendors, suppliers, administration, government entities and the boots-on-the-ground workforce are generally foreign to other sectors. Working with an outfit that specializes in container management brings all those personal relationships to bear. That often means that your materials move more efficiently through the process. Shortening the origin to delivery time frame means your people have what they need to move forward. No one wants to pay workers to sit around drinking coffee.

Improved Problem Solving

Regardless of the industry you work in, there are pitfalls that only experienced professionals can resolve in a timely fashion. Whether this involves an incorrect bill of lading or logistical snafu, having the right people involved to rectify the problem and keep the supply chain moving is imperative to a company’s success. When making a decision between handling container management internally or outsourcing, ask yourself how many key problem solvers you have in places such waterfront ports, Interstate weigh stations, storage facilities and professionals that work closely with inspectors along the supply route. When something goes sideways, you need an experienced problem solver.

Analysis And Reporting

Outfits that are in the container management business have the necessary infrastructure to compile industry data. By working with a team that oversees numerous other company’s container management, you can benefit from their global information systems. Concise reporting and breakdowns about your assets can be reviewed. But placing your goods and materials in a greater context allows better decision-making about cost-effective changes and streamlining. Outsourcing means improved data.

Secure Oversight

Companies that outsource container management enjoy the benefit of security and oversight. The goods and materials locked inside the container are subject to theft, damage and contamination. Attempts to manage secure logistics by industry outsiders comes at a risk. Working with third parties to ensure proper handing means relying on sometimes anonymous relationships. Hashing out an ongoing deal with a company that has secured facilities reduces potential losses. Calling an insurance carrier to cover theft or damage won’t further your productivity goals.

Contact A Houston Container Management Company

Container management can become an overly burdensome part of doing business that drains resources better served in other departments. World Trade Distribution has a 30-year reputation for container freight management and logistics. For more information about outsourcing, contact the Houston offices of World Trade Distribution.

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