Intermodal containers in Etobicoke, Canada

As technology has progressed, our economy has become more global than ever before. It is not unusual for companies to ship products across international borders, and while the internet can provide instant communication, physical transportation is still necessary to get products to their final destination. This is where intermodal transportation comes in. For those unaware, intermodal transportation provides increased efficiency when transporting goods long distances because an intermodal container is well-suited for transport by either ground, air, or sea. This use of multiple modes of transportation for a single container is called intermodal transportation, and maximizing the potential of this transportation can improve company efficiency.

Intermodal Transportation Maximizes Shipping Options

Because intermodal transportation is defined by utilizing multiple transportation options for a single container, don’t be afraid to explore all of the alternatives available. There are numerous options on the ground, including rail carriers and trucking options. In addition, traveling by air can always be compared to various ground and maritime opportunities. Some freight shipping companies, such as World Trade Distribution, Inc., have numerous intermodal options for clients to choose from. Your company should investigate all of its options, and balance the price with the timing of their delivery to maximize the value.

There are Alternatives for Shipping Lanes

The entire economy operates by supply and demand and intermodal transportation is no different. For example, if a company is based in a small city, it could be expensive to transport cargo a long distance directly out of this city; however, if the company can get its shipment to a larger city, this large city will have a wide variety of shipping options available. The numerous options could translate to a cheaper shipment price overall that the company could take advantage of. It may be worth it to take a short trip to a large city before booking the long haul. Always look for alternate shipping lanes.

Only Pay for What You Need

When you are approaching an intermodal transportation company with a shipping request, you should look into what their container options are.  Many companies will charge for a full container load (FCL), even if your product doesn’t fill the container, or alternatively make you wait until a container if full before shipping.   It is definitely worth your time to seek out a company that offers light container loads (LCL), and will ship them out immediately. For example, if the shipping order only requires 40 square feet of space, you shouldn’t pay for a 60-foot container just because that is what the shipping company offers you. Your shipment can be paired with others to fill the container, or the company should ship the LCL promptly.

Networking is Important

Intermodal transportation has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years and chances are that there is another company in the area that is also taking advantage it. Talk to your fellow local entrepreneurs and ask what they have found that works for them. Perhaps they have found a transportation company that they like or have some tips on negotiating with shipping companies. Networking is a powerful tool that can open doors that you may not currently be aware of. It never hurts to ask around and see what has worked for other businesses in the area.

At World Trade Distribution, Inc., we pride ourselves on competitive pricing and our excellent standards of customer service.  Contact us today to discuss your shipping needs, and let us help you get your products on their way.

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