Despite calls for freight rail reform because freight rails have doubled since the year 2001, freight on the port rail line in Port Everglades, Florida, is booming. The increase—which totals 26 percent—is due to the construction of a new port-rail hub that opened in July of 2014. The hub has brought prosperity to the South Florida shipping industry, and it appears that this may just be the beginning.

The Benefits of the New Rail Hub

The port’s new rail hub can handle more than 400,000 containers per year—five times the volume at the nearby former loading site—thanks to double stacking. And while there are no new trains on the tracks in Port Everglades, the hub still handled tons’ worth of more freight than did the Fort Lauderdale hub. The fact that loading is more efficient and faster means that cargo can reach its destination quicker than ever before—shipping to Charlotte or Atlanta takes two days, and shipping to Nashville or Memphis takes three.

Driving the Economy

The new rail hub cost $73 million to construct. But the cost was well worth the money; the construction of the hub not only has allowed the South Florida shipping industry to remain competitive and rejuvenated the shipping economy there, but has also employed hundreds of people though the creation of hundreds of new jobs. And the new hub has other notable benefits, too: for example, more efficiency in loading and shipping means fewer trucks on the road, reducing the amount of congestion and pollution. It also means more customer satisfaction.

If freight rates are reduced, as many are suggesting they need to be, it’s likely that the amount of cargo moved through the new rail hub will increase even more.

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Shipping through the Port Everglades hub—as efficient as the hub may be—isn’t always possible or sensible. To handle your freight needs from other areas of the world in a timely, cost-effective, environmental, and economical manner, our professional team at World Trade Distribution, Inc. can help. From freight storage to shipment to general freight management, we are ready to take on your freight and cargo needs today. With state-of-the-art technology, storage practices, and trucking machinery, we know what your business wants and requires. To get a free custom quote, visit us online or call us today at (713) 672-7295.

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