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In order for packaged goods or commodities to ship affordably and efficiently, it is sometimes in the shipper or freight broker’s best interest to consolidate or deconsolidate shipments to save money and reduce shipping time. Sometimes it makes sense to combine several smaller packages into one until they reach a large distribution point.

Once the larger package containing several smaller items makes it to a main distribution hub it would make sense for the package to be broken down into smaller pieces so that the items can reach their final destinations at an optimal time and cost. The technical names for these shipping optimization processes are freight consolidation and freight deconsolidation.

World Trade Distribution is the leader in freight consolidation and deconsolidation in the Texas Gulf Coast.


Freight consolidation is the combining of small shipments into a larger one and is completed at the original point of departure. Combining the shipments into a single container allows shippers to take advantage of a lower shipping rate and adds a higher degree of security.

Consolidation also offers savings where two individual shipments can be combined into one of smaller volume. When the shipment arrives at its destination, it is deconsolidated.


Freight deconsolidation is the process of dividing the contents of a large shipment into smaller ones. The large shipment is typically containerized but needs to be distributed to individual recipients. World Trade Distribution, Inc.’s consolidation service allows you to defer distribution decisions until the shipment reaches the deconsolidation center.

This enables you to postpone delivery to the final destination to better meet customer demand. By managing the flow of materials through the deconsolidation center, you can achieve just in time delivery and eliminate safety stock as well as reduce the number of distribution center locations. Deconsolidating shipments can improve cycle time, help avoid costly charge backs and reduce transportation costs.


World Trade Distribution is highly recognized for our ability to simplify large consolidated shipments. We have more than 30 years’ experience managing cargo freight and import and export logistics. Our CFS station receives over 5,000 containers of consolidated freight annually. Once they arrive at our facility, consolidated containers are unloaded and sorted into our bonded warehouse. All drivers are Hazmat endorsed, and our heavy lift capabilities ensure customers can rely on us to manage their cargo safely and effectively.

World Trade Distribution is a bonded carrier and bonded warehouse. As such, we can transport consolidated containers from the Port of Houston to our warehouse by Permit to Transfer for deconsolidation. We provide fast and efficient delivery of cargo. Import cargo is shipped daily so there are no delays. Delivery of bonded and non-bonded inbound cargo throughout Texas is provided by our in house trucks. Bonded deliveries along the Gulf Coast are handled by our IPI carriers. In addition, our Houston CES provides U.S. Customs examinations.


World Trade Distribution’s 17 acres of bonded storage is located less than 30 minutes from Houston’s container terminals and rail ramps. Our fully computerized MIS is customized to meet the specific needs of each customer and provide electronic data interchange to save time. Our facility is safeguarded with electrified perimeter fencing and advanced electronic security. The grounds are guard monitored and under CCTV camera surveillance to ensure our customers’ cargo is provided the utmost security. Our staff is comprised of some of the most experienced and qualified people in the industry. We strive to provide the highest quality service available and deliver solutions that bring our customers success.

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