Project Freight

What is Project Cargo?
Project cargo refers to those items transported by heavy haul trucks, freight trains, cargo planes and/or cargo ships that are oversized or overweight and otherwise too big and bulky or too heavy to fit into standard containers. Examples of cargo items include manufacturing equipment, air conditioners, modular factory components, skid mounted industrial process systems, generators and turbines, oilfield pipe and
heavy equipment.

Project Cargo

Project freight services

  • Heavy / Out of Gauge Cargo Management and Handling
  • Crating and packing
  • Break Bulk Prep
  • Flat rack and open top loading
  • Specialized Cargo

World Trade Distribution offers all the project cargo management and handling capabilities, versatility and expertise you need for project freight of any size. Whether your need is custom crating of any size, preparation for break bulk shipment, heavy lift or loading of flat racks or open top containers, we do it all. Every aspect of your project’s cargo will be handled at our secure freight management facility by experienced personnel. With over 30 years of experience, World Trade Distribution can deliver the design plans and budget that fit your needs. Our 12 acre project yard is all concrete in a well drained and secure area for the handling, storage and preparation of any out of gauge / heavy cargos. Security is maintained 24 hours a day with surveillance cameras, high intensity lighting and 7000 volt electrified fence.

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Heavy lift

We have extensive experience handling and lifting the most difficult of cargos. From mud pumps and large machinery, to pipe or other heavy cargos destined for break bulk, we are able to handle any project cargo regardless of size, scope, or weight!  Our in-house cranes and forklifts can lift up to 120,000 lbs. We have handled lifts in excess of 300,000 lbs. using additional crane resources for storage or bonded in-transit requirements.

Open top and flat rack containers

World Trade Distribution also handles the loading of special, heavy or out of gauge cargo onto flat racks or into open top containers. Every flat rack is meticulously loaded. We analyze and plan in detail the best way to load and secure your project freight to each flat rack or open top for damage free freight out turn to destination. Services such as project  freight consolidations and export freight management services are also available.

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Pipe Shipping Techniques

World Trade Distribution utilizes a proprietary method to “containerize” delicate chrome and stainless steel pipe for loading into standard and open top containers. Our custom bolster racks and strategically placed air cushions offer stability and protection from scratches and other damages during handling, loading, transport, and unloading of pipe from container or flat rack. We also provide bundling or unitizing services for all size pipe whether for container loading or preparation for break bulk shipment.

For project cargo management and freight handling services, please call World Trade Distribution at 713-672-7295 or email us.