Centralized Examination Station

Houston Centralized Examination Station- US Customs CES

We offer a full line of Customs clearance / compliance and exam related import services such as:

  • Trade Exam Services: Duty, Product Compliance, Copyright, USDA, FDA, F&W
  • CET Exam Services: Security and Contraband
  • Trucking: Local drayage and/or delivery.
  • Country of Origin Markings: Import compliance
  • Wood Remediation: Import compliance
  • Fumigation Services: for both LCL and FCL cargoes

World Trade has been a choice of U.S. Customs for exam services and now Homeland Security for over 32 years. We are experts in customs clearance, compliance and documentation. Our on-site Houston based exam station provides the fastest and most cost effective services in the Gulf region.

Our Centralized Examination Station  in Houston, Texas is one of the largest and oldest Customs Exam sites in the country. With an unsurpassed record of import experience, we are proud of our reputation for offering high quality import services while maintaining some of the most competitive important management rates in the gulf coast region. Our Houston based CES station handles some of the highest volumes of import freight in the country and leads the industry in import customer service.

The goal at World Trade is simple: leading the industry with the most complete line of import freight services & cargo management logistical solutions while offering  competitive rates and exceptional customer service. Additionally, on site inspectors and VACIS imaging allows us to provide our CES customers with the utmost in convenience and expertise for whatever import services you may require.

What is a Centralized Examination Station (CES)?

A designated warehousing operation that is equipped to unload import containers or handle import cargo under the supervision of US Government personnel.

Customs and
Border Protection (CBP)
Direct Contact Numbers:


Customs exam services offered:

  • V.A.C.I.S.
  • C.E.T. (Security and Contraband)
  • Trade Enforcement and Compliance
  • Maritime Enforcement (M.E.T.)
  • Agricultural (U.S.D.A.)
  • Food and Drug (F.D.A.)
  • Fumigation (A.P.H.I.S.)
  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife
  • Consumer Product Safety (C.P.S.C.)

Other US Government Agencies that use our Central Examination Station (CES) include:

  • Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC)
  • Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
  • Fish and Wildlife Service (F&W)
  • US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Customs CES Examination Process Explained

At every stage of the examination process you can be assured that with the combination of our equipment, knowledge, and experience, your import cargo will be handled safely, securely and efficiently in total compliance with all regulations and requirements at our Houston based facility.

With U.S. Customs and other Government agency Inspectors; K-9 units; and mobile VACIS on-site, World Trade Distribution supplies the complex needs of the Gulf coast’s shipping community with quality import / export services with the most comprehensive customs exam services, fastest turn-around times, and the utmost in reliable trucking  – always exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Schedule a CES Inspection in Houston, Texas

If an issue arises during examination, World Trade Distribution’s expert staff will work to resolve your importing issues in the most economical and efficient manner possible with complete transportation services, convenient warehousing, faster distribution and the highest level of import and US customs exam customer service. Fumigation, wood remediation, repacking, marking and labeling, or other regulated services, we help our customers with these critical aspects of their import / export business.

If you are interested in a Customs exam or other import related services please contact info@wtcfs.com or call 713-672-7295.