S903 Guarantee Program


S903 Guarantee Program

For Importers & Brokers… a Total Customs Examination Station (C.E.S.) Solution

  • Join the S903 Guarantee
    Program from World Trade Distribution and experience
    the fastest, most cost-effective, hassle-free
    C.E.S exams in the region – at NO COST or RISK
    to you. Guaranteed!

    Rapid Tendering to US Customs

  • Demurrage-free
  • No Surprise Fees
  • Ramps or Port
  • Fast Pick-up
  • Real-time Status Tracking
  • One Invoice

HOUR GUARANTEE – We guarantee released (permitted to
transfer) and available C.E.S containers will BE tendered
to US Customs at World Trade within 24 hours, or
the DRAY to our CES is free.

containers are available for immediate pick-up with a
30-minute driver “no-wait” turnaround guarantee – or
the driver’s lunch is on us!

us at least 24 hours before free time is up, and we guarantee
you will not be paying demurrage to the ramp or port. We
pay any resulting demurrage.

must be released (permitted to transfer) and available
for pick up.

US Customs release, all charges emailed or faxed to you
are final. If we fail to include some charges at that
time, we will absorb the additional charges.
(Per Diem and storage charges
billed separately).

exam fee surprises. Pay only per
our published fixed rate quotes for exams.

web tracking of exam status and release, supplemented
by automatic proactive email updates of change in cargo



This warranty is void in the event of Acts of God, Acts of War or Strikes.

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